Darcie, the littlest Baker babe is almost One. 

How can that be? How does time get away from us? 

Because life is so fun with baby girls. Just ask Savanah + Connor. 
And then ask them to think way back to when they only had just their first boy. Time goes quicker, life's a bit more dramatic + chaotic (& lovely!), with four sisters. 

Their latest baby (and maybe last, who really knows where our journey ends or continues on...) is a gem, as Sav has said the whole time. She is a constant reminder that life is deliciously beautifully, that every babe is truly extraordinary and different, but totally like their compadre sisters (especially Jude, haha!) and life doesn't slow down for us, at all. 

We must savor all of the moments, cuddle as much as possible and treat everyday like a gem.
We celebrated yesterday with the perfect (amazing & "mom-made") cake for two and of course lots of love & laughs with mommy + daddy. ​​​​​​​
Happy almost first birthday Darcie Rae! It's no doubt you are wonderful & so loved.
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