Grand Rapids, Michigan

As I finish up this vintage & so SO fun senior session, I am full of my own joy. Maybe it was how genuinely sweet Hannah really was, or how her ideas we're so stylish & full of carefree fun, which is so me! She never batted an eye at doing something out there, or even trying some weird hipster-ish poses that we just happened to have both pinned on to our Pinterest boards, haha. We just talked, adventured and hung out as girls. Hannah loves reading, is probably the best-est friend that you never had, and has an old soul & a huge heart for helping others. Hearing her talk about her dreams of becoming a psychologist & reaching out to others through that was inspiring. 
I think for me, I'm always with little ones so being with a senior, was definitely a cool change of pace. Instead of documenting new changes, like a baby first taking steps or holding their head up finally & giving you that perfect toothless smile, you're witnessing a person at a epic time in their lives, coming into theirselves & making big changes. A place both full of new beginnings and (probably) bittersweet endings to a giant, wonderful chapter. I think it was something I definitely needed. To document growth at an entirely different point, was super cool. 
I had such a blast with Hannah. Following her and her family through the streets of Downtown GR and exploring. Her family was just as sweet & you can tell that she has a great support team cheering her on. 

Thanks for hanging out with me Hannah! You're smile is so infectious & I have no doubt that you will do great things. In 13 years when my kids are graduating, I will no doubt need a therapist to talk to and I'll be sure to look you up. ;) 
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