January 2nd, 2018
WARNING: there is a NSFW photo from active birth toward the very bottom of this page. This beautiful photo may not be for the faint of heart, work areas or little eyes. But it is amazing.¬†ūü§ó I posted it in a closed photographer's group that I happen to love & it's received a TON of recognition - I'm super proud.

Every birth story is incredible. Each extremely different in every aspect. 

Paige & Aaron's narrative of becoming parents was challenging from the beginning, having to succumb to infertility treatments to even start their journey.  So being there for them, to document their bundle finally entering their world, was an honor.

 I became very close to Paige over the last few months. Endlessly chatting like girlfriends after her maternity portraits. And I think it's pretty crucial to bond with your clients like that, at least if you're going for the emotion and heartfelt connection that I always am. From chatting about labor & delivery fears to our love for Rice Krispie treats (Paige has a sweet tooth as do I, haha!) and literally everything in between, I almost felt more like another supporter in the room when it finally came down to birth-day.
Maverick actually entering the world and Paige's labor was nothing short of an event - to me, it was a joyous celebration of love & hope with Paige & Aaron's closest family & friends as they have a HUGE village surrounding them. Every single person that made up their group, which completely filled up the waiting room of the maternity ward, had a deep love & connection with Paige, Aaron and Maverick. It was a sight to see, much more to document and be apart of. 

Happy Birth-Day Maverick. You are so very loved.


NSFW image:
Every birth reminds me how amazing a woman & her body truly is.
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