It's been a few months since my first retreat and I've been busy as hell ever since. 

Between weddings, being on call for births, normal portraits and then normal life, well it's really just been a whirlwind. When I think back to my time with the everyone that weekend, I just remember how relaxing it all was - how stress free my time really was. I think about how we just chatted, spent time together and did nothing, but actually put-up our feet for a change and breathe for just a few minutes. I so need that again.

For me, it was more than just "mini sessions". It was a small break to let my own guard down, breathe and get out of the house. Be with friends and host something. To shoot something meaningful that I had planned out - something that always instills joy inside of me. To make others feel good inside, felt beyond amazing. Truly.

Helping another person transform is the best feeling in the world. I get so much joy from empowering others. And kind of what I think life is genuinely all about. We move to one chapter in life to the next (by what we put in our bodies, who we surround ourselves with, how we feel inside, etc) and continuously transition through the phases of our personal development, and I love helping a person feel *wonderful* during all of them. I think you should be able to feel amazing / sexy / confident / fierce AF, through it all. I think we need people that get us, and want us to all be the best versions of us. That listen unbiasedly, and like Abi, just drop it all for a few minutes to rescue a friend drowning in the muck of life.​​​​​​​
the beauties from this round:
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