Snap + Play / 01

Snap + Play is a chill parent’s group focused on constructive outside play, exploring with our littles & honest and genuine conversation about everything from life to parenting to photography.

 On Sunday, May 20th, I hosted my first ever Snap + Play. A handful of both moms and dads, littles and myself all got together at my place, explored my property, did crafts and hardcore PLAYED. I personally had the best time - photographing totally candidly and watching both of my children have the best time with other kids their age.

 The kids played hard. Everyone stayed right until the end, almost forcing the kids to leave one another's sides and of course, we got a chance to do ALL of the things. Crafts, bubbles, flower finding, tractor driving. Popsicles, animal crackers & Capri Sun to fuel our littles - the summer way.

 We parents all just got to chat and have one-on-one friend time, while talking about the idea of snapping photos of your little on the go, what settings you should be most focused on in certain situations and much more. The adults got to try one of my cameras out and take photos of their kiddos right alongside me. It was so neat seeing all of the things they captured and they really enjoyed it as well.

 Next time, I plan to talk more about what we can to do as parents to excite our kids about photos, what cameras they can enjoy as kids without fear from you(!) and more about settings & cameras made for on-the-go.

I hope you'll join us sometime!​
And if you'd like more info & to possibly save a spot for next time, go here! It's only $25 and every parent gets full access to a gallery of every photo I take + edit. It's like a try it session & I love getting to know new and of course favorite faces.
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