As our society rotates around image & what the idea of “beauty” is, 
I’m very well aware of the role this plays in how we feel about ourselves, how we feel about intimacy, and as a whole, the idea of being candid & open about ANY of it
Truth be told, I’ve been nearly every size in the book during my journey as a woman. Anywhere from a size 2/4 to a size 12/14, pending what store we’re visiting today. Because let’s be honest, the fashion world literally thrives on skewing the numbers and making us *feel* as if we’re toppling the scales, even though you KNOW you were a size 6 at H&M, only but a week ago...
Every single breath that I’ve taken on my journey through my sizes, I was never completely comfortable with my entire self, or the thought of being “sexy”. Whether it was the number on the scale or the mere fact that I had absolutely no cleavage, yet a much heavier bottom, I never truly loved my body or my image. Could I do something about it? Sure. I can work out, possibly lose weight and change my view-point and/or other's, but what am I telling our young generation of girls with that? That thin is what's expected? No way.
Society tells us daily that we have to be one way or another, or that one body type is more loved or sought after that the next. I just simply refuse to believe any of that horse-shit anymore. I wholeheartedly believe every woman is beautiful, but it is up to her to take the initiatives to find her unique style, own it and be bold in it. Everyday I see stunning woman, and even think in my head "Oh, what I would give to shoot with them" and I swear to you, each of them is so different to the next. Not one is cookie-cutter, or probably even very similar to the next. 

Do I look in mirrors and see my flaws? Sure, but I talk myself through them and out of them. That is LIFE. It doesn’t matter what size, shape, color, race, gender you are. You WILL see flaws in yourself. It is only human. Every day is a continuous journey of building yourself up around those flaws and continuously knocking them down. Letting the world know you were born to break barriers, too. It is a continuous, up & down process that never truly ends. 
I promise the first step is letting your guard down and joining something like this. Putting a step forward and saying “I have flaws, some that I don’t like and IT’S OKAY.” Because damn it, I promise it is
And that is exactly why I created this event. So we can see, in person, that we are NOT unattractive to the rest of the world, meant to be kept in a box or a cookie-cutter mold. That we’re all a bit nervous putting ourselves out there, but it is indeed what needs to be, if we want to truly move forward in true, wholesome self-love

I promise that you will find comfort in other women’s kindness, words, and love. Lots of love. We are whatever we are ladies, and I guarantee it’s perfect

So many gals felt this way or do. And it took doing a boudoir session to plunge me from that negative mindset. 
And I’ll be here to welcome you with open & loving arms if you decide to take your own plunge, and join us on the retreat.
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